Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which subjects should I enroll in in the final stages: Qualification and Defense?

After the period of elective courses (fulfilling credits for completion, CR calculation, mandatory courses and teaching internship – if necessary) comes the period of final courses.

MASTERS students who are awaiting qualification and who no longer have electives of interest to take, must enroll in an INTEGRATED STUDY ACTIVITY until the qualifying quarter, where they will enroll in a SEMINAR FOR MASTER’S DISSERTATION.

In this case, DOCTORATE students must enroll in RESEARCH PROJECT DEVELOPMENT until the qualifying quarter, where they will enroll in a DOCTORATE THESIS SEMINAR.

After qualification, MASTERS students must always enroll in RESEARCH FOR MASTERS DISSERTATION until defense.

In this case, DOCTORAL students must always enroll in RESEARCH FOR DOCTORAL THESIS until defense.

The qualification (Title XIV of the standard) is conducted by the supervisor in its procedures, who confirms the event information with the secretariat to prepare the minutes.

After the event, the Minutes and the proposal work must be sent to the secretariat for archiving and launching the concept of the discipline “Seminar for Dissertation / Master’s Thesis / Doctorate”.

If there is any incident, always contact the secretariat within the relevant deadlines.

2. What is the process for panel approval and defense scheduling?

Students who have already passed the qualification and will proceed to the defense stage must forward the examination and academic production request form to their advisor for approval and signature and send it to the secretariat via call: https://registro.cefet-rj .br/.

Electronic signatures on forms are important (via ICPEdu or

Link to forms:

Certification of proficiency in a foreign language is also required. The guidelines for this are here on the website (

Attach to this documentation the dissertation/thesis text to be assessed by the board

After this step, the secretariat will open a process for requesting board approval and defense scheduling (which you can follow), which the course coordinator will forward for approval.

Mandatory subjects, as well as Teaching Internship (for those who are necessary) must already have their grades released at this stage.

3. How to proceed with the diploma process?

Upon completion of their defense, after making the corrections requested by the panel (if any), the student must request the catalog form from the central library to include in their final work, in addition to requesting that nothing appears.

Catalog form requests – by e-mail: <>

Central Library Clearance Certificate Request – tutorial:

Observe the elaboration rules:

The documentation required to start the diploma issuance process is listed in the document “Request for Issuance of Diploma”, available at:

Along with this documentation, add the Diploma Application/DERAC protocol, available on the same page.

Documents must be signed with an electronic signature ( / ICPEdu)

Signatures (student and advisor) will be required on some of these listed documents.

In the case of sending authenticated documents, this procedure can be carried out administratively at the postgraduate office with presentation of the original and copy.

The documents listed must be sent by call to the secretariat, requesting the opening of the diploma process.